Bicore One would like to present and offer ​Direct Internet, ​a premium Internet Service utilizing leased-line technology to deliver high speed internet access for fixed bandwidth requirements that is dynamically routed to multiple Global and local IP Peers through a diverse submarine cable network. It can immediately provide at least 10 Mbps of Direct Internet. It can also serve higher internet bandwidths to as much as the client requires.


Small Office Home Office (SOHO)

Bicore One would like to present and offer SOHO Unlimited Fiber Internet, a mainstream Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet Service to deliver highspeed Internet access for residential and emerging business users with unlimited data (no data capping) and a 24-hour customer technical support and service hotline for seamless, uninterrupted and excellent internet experience.

Bicore One is committed to providing its clients an internet service as reflected in its clients’ user-experience by ensuring that they will feel the difference in quality from other service providers.


Airspace Wifi Konek

Available on all hotspot areas through our coin-operated voucher dispenser. See coverage areas for your reference.

  • Prepaid 10 (6 hours access, UNLI)

  • Prepaid 25 ( 24 hours access, UNLI)

  • Prepaid 50 ( 3 days access, UNLI)

  • Prepaid 100 ( 7 days access, UNLI)

Note: Strictly single-device type of service.


Airspace Home Wifi

Bicore One would like to present and offer Airspace, a mainstream wireless Internet Service that utilizes radios and access points to distribute the Internet from an optic fiber backbone. This is a very cost-efficient but reliable solution that is ideal for congested areas as well as hard to reach sites.


How to use the Airspace Wifi Konek?

Telecom Contracting Services

Bicore One is a forerunner “AAA” contractor company for construction and communication for highspeed, high bandwidth coaxial, fiber, twisted pair cables and equipment for the transmission of voice, data, video and other communication applications. It provides complete communication engineering, consulting, furnishing, project management and installation services to service providers, telecom equipment vendors and business clients.

Bicore One’s Telecom Contracting Services Team is composed of highly competent personnel built on a very strong foundation of providing the most comprehensive network solutions and other services that specialize in Voice Over IP, Central Office, Data Center, and Network Operation Center for operations and maintenance.


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